Pet Friendly

Having tradesmen enter your home can be disruptive for pets, and they can become anxious. At Wet Paint Decorating we are a team of animal lovers and you can rest assured that we take care that your furry friends are safe and sound when we paint your home. We minimise disruption to your household and pet’s routine as much as possible whether your pets be fish, mice, guinea pigs, cats, dogs or any other type of pet!

We watch that your pets do not walk on, jump on, side-swipe or run into your newly painted surfaces. We protect your decorating as well as your pets! We also take care that your pets are secured safely in your home and are careful not to leave gates and doors open while we work.

When you hire our friendly team at Wet Paint Decorating, you are secure in the knowledge that your property has a great finish, and that your pet’s routine is kept in place and that they are kept comfortable as much as possible.

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